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The science of
search engine marketing (SEM)


Leads, Cost control and Exposure

We are meticulous, methodical and mathematical – it may sound far fetched and strict but when it comes to the numbers and bids it’s our philosophy and we live by it. We want to see every one of our partner brands reach their KPIs and generate ROI, but even more so cultivate long term brand awareness and engage new audiences.

Reach out to the right audience, at the right moment and place.
Be there, be useful, be quick!


High-quality leads

When SEM is done right, only users who are actively searching for you are targeted, finding you the proverbial needle in the haystack; Hundreds of times.

Costs you can control

SEM isn’t a game of chance, it’s a science with heart. The relevance and content of your ads, together with the quality of your user experience and the accuracy of your bidding, is all a matter of strategy. They can be continuously tweaked to maximize the score of your ads while lowering your cost per click.

Increase exposure

Don’t forget, the more often you appear before your target audiences, the better your chances of getting them to click. Effective SEM guarantees the increased visibility you need to be seen, and chosen, by your next clients.


The science of SEM

The number of variables involved in the most basic SEM campaign makes even us wonder how we do it. But we do. Again and again. With amazing results. Here’s what we can do for you with effective SEM.

We love helping businesses get found, but we don’t like crashing the party with aggressive banners and pop-ups. Which is why we discover what your next customers are searching for, whether they’re using Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu or Yandex. Then we deliver them to your door with the right keywords and ad copy and perfect UX-driven landing pages.

We keep track of every digital breadcrumb your business leaves online. When one of your media properties leads to a conversion event, we find it, study it and create unique, multichannel campaigns that use powerful banner ads to speak directly to specific users or user profiles. This guarantees instant exposure to the audiences you want to connect with.

A picture may say a thousand words, but a 15-second video can earn you up to 35% more engagement. Users watch and share videos more than any other online media, and their numbers are only growing. Plus, video ads only appear to the audiences you’re targeting and you only pay when your videos are watched, so you won’t waste money advertising to anyone who isn’t interested in what you have to offer. We understand the power of video advertising, so when we design a campaign, video is always the top weapon in our arsenal.

You’ve got the likes, you’ve got the Instagram hearts, you’ve got the tweets. You’ve even got the marketing department. So where’s the conversion? To turn your social into conversions, you need more than exposure and a fan base. You need dedicated experts who can guarantee that your ads reach the right targets at the right cost. That’s us. Smart PPC, from copywriting to deployment.

Native ads blend in with the content of the platforms you advertise on, building more trust and substantially more user engagement. When we run our native ads on mobile devices, you may see four times the click-throughs than what you get with non-native display ads.


SEM with Soul

A meaningful brand presence is about communicating with your potential users. We don’t place ads or boost posts just to say we did. We listen carefully to your audience, tune into what’s important to them, and engage them.

If you already have campaign management tools in place, running a deep audit and analysing your historic data will show us what worked and what didn’t. If we catch something that worked well, we use it in our next campaign.

You may not like your competitors, but they can help you a lot. Careful competitor analysis can reveal who the big players in your target markets are and how they promote their brands. We can use that information to figure out exactly how competitive and costly specific key search terms are.

We take what we found from our account audit and what we found about your competitors and put them together to build a stellar online strategy.

We gather relevant keywords and put them into categories so we can create powerful targeted advertisements. Keyword selection is key for targeting the right audience with the right message.

Now that the groundwork is out of the way, it’s time to start building your paid campaigns. The scale and breakdown of your campaigns depend on your available budget.

Once your campaigns are up and running, our team works on ways to improve their performance. We do this with daily optimizations, tweaking all the variables at our disposal to maximize your potential.

When they come to us, our clients have one thing in mind: getting the most performance out of their investment. We give daily, weekly, monthly and live-data reports so you know exactly where we are in terms of our goals.

Done? Nope. When we get the results we want, we do it all again to make those results even better the next time.

Get your business found online with Nest.